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INTS Tactical Display


The INTS Tactical Display shows the recognized maritime picture (RMP) based on the inputs from the picture compilers on the C4I system. The Tactical Display is identical to the INTS Tactical Console but with no own ship weapon, sensor and ship controls. 





The INTS Tactical Display can run on a dedicated workstation with a large screen or using an additional large screen connected to the INTS Tactical Console.





  • Display of correlated picture
  • Maps & overlays
  • Correlated tracks
  • ESM lines and weapon arcs
  • Display of ship configuration
  • Track summary and expanded track data
  • EW summary and expanded EW data

Map Display


  • Map layers: vector, raster and elevation
  • Sea charts: S-57 and S-63 with S-52 style pane
  • Formats: KML, Shape, DTED, GeoTIFF, ECW, …
  • Various 2D and 3D projections
  • MIL symbols: APP6B
  • Map server support and local GIS files



  • Standard PC workstation
  • 1 large screen
  • Keyboard and mouse/rollerball
  • Windows or Linux