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INTS Link-11 Simulation


The INTS Link-11 simulator provides simulated tactical Link-11 message exchange based on the SISO standard for Link 11/11B simulations (SISO-STD-005-V9). 

The INTS Link11 simulator is intended for tactical message exchange between own ship cubicles during tactical exercises and it provides instructor functions (INTS Link-11 Instructor), monitoring and role playing.


Link-11 Nets

The IFAD Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS) supports 4 Link-11 nets per exercise. The own ships are assigned to one net at a time.



INTS Link-11 Instructor


The Link-11 Instructor provides functions to set up, monitor and participate in the Link-11 nets.



All functions related to transmission and reception of Link-11 information are handled in the INTS Link-11 Instructor.

The INTS Link-11 Instructor has a tactical display and a set of dialogues and totes for link transmissions, detailed information, filtering and delete functions.

Each instructor can monitor multiple Link-11 nets and actively participate on one net as a role player.

The tactical display can show the combined tactical Link-11 picture overlaid with the exercise (simulated entities). 

The INTS Link-11 Instructor can receive and transmit the following message types:


  • Tracks
  • EW Lines
  • Pointers
  • Alphanumeric messages




The INTS Link-11 Instructor is installed as an add-on to the Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS) Instructor on the instructor stations.





  • Link-11 monitoring and role playing
  • 4 Link-11 nets (SISO Link-11 DIS)
  • Exercise layer (DIS entities)
  • Maps & overlays
  • Tracks, ESM lines and Pointers
  • A/N Messages
  • Track summary and expanded track data
  • EW summary and expanded EW data

Map Display


  • Map layers: vector, raster and elevation
  • Sea charts: S-57 and S-63 with S-52 style pane
  • Formats: KML, Shape, DTED, GeoTIFF, ECW, …
  • Various 2D and 3D projections
  • MIL symbols: APP6B
  • Map server support and local GIS files



  • Standard PC workstation
  • 1-2 monitors
  • Keyboard and mouse/rollerball
  • Windows or Linux