INTS Naval Tactical trainer

Flexible & scalable system for execution of realistic naval battle space scenarios

IFACTS FAC/FO simulators

Simulators for basic and currency training of Forward Air Controllers, Forward Observers and pilots in Close Air Support and Call for Fire procedures.

Navy training simulators

Simulators for Tactical training, Search&Rescue, Radio and Radar training.

Army training simulators

Simulators for Close Air Support and Call for Fire training, Radio training and Interoperability solutions

IRAS Radio Trainer

Radio operator training and rehearsal of complex communications scenarios.

// IFAD:

Observer training

Deployable solution for training and practicing Call for Fire and Close Air Support procedures in realistic environments, day and night.

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Highly flexible and configurable solutions for radio operator training, communications procedure training and voice communication.

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Naval training

Flexible and scalable execution of realistic naval battle space scenarios using a combination of live and emulated equipment.

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Gateways enabling rapid integration of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) systems into distributed simulation exercises.

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New F-16 Pilot and JTAC tactical training solution (DART)

// 17-08-2017

IFAD TS and Arenalogic Aps provides new F-16 simulator training center to RDAF Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.


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Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) between NCIA Agency and IFAD TS signed

// 16-08-2017

NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) and IFAD TS A/S signed Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for software development services, providing of training solutions and selling of training products.


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