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Videos showing our mission critical training and simulation solutions for the
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   IFAD Product series (>)  



JTAC CAS Training



  IFACTS JTAC trainer (>)
   IFACTS Product Sheet (>)


   F-INSTR One-page-flyer (>)


Naval Tactical training


   INTS Handout (>)

   INTS in Brief - 7-pager (>)


   INTS Naval Tactical simulator (>)

   INTS (Naval Team DK Flyer) (>)




JRCC Search & Rescue training


   J-SAR (Joint SAR Trainer (>)



Radio communic

ations training


   IRAS Product Sheet (>)  





Product Movies

  • IFAD General Product overview
  • IFAD Solutions in Brief
  • IFACTS Product presentation
  • INTS Product presentation
  • C-Sim at ITEC'2015
  • SAR/NAV Trainer

The movies are available her (>)


In the News


   New F-16 Tactical Trainers are now ready (>)


   IFAD - Member of FAD defence association (>)

   IFAD - Member of Naval Team Denmark (>)


   Søværnets Skole (Naval Warfare School)

       Web publication in Danish) (>)


   Royal Danish Navy Warfare School overview (>)


   'Train as you fight' - Army C2 simulation

       provided by IFAD and Systematic, Page 10 (>)


   Radio Simulator to Danish Army (Danish) (>)
   Radio Simulator to Danish Army (UK) (>)

   FAC Simulator to Danish Army (Danish) (>)






   DDAC'2016: IFAD presentation at Sea Track (>)


   DDAC'2016: IFAD presentation at Air Track (>)

  NATO MSG-087: LVC Simulation for Training
        of Ground Commanders (>)

   NATO MSG-094: Low Cost National Training
       Network (>)

   NATO MSG-108: Use of Commercial Games
       within Danish Defense (>)