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IRAS PRO_Navy product description


Voice communication training for naval simulators


IRAS PRO_Navy provides a dedicated communication training solution for your ship teams in exercises with your naval tactical simulator. With a touch screen operated radio communication panel and external push-to-talk button the team gets a realistic experience for their communication tasks. For the exercise instructors the IRAS PRO_Navy solution provides means affecting the communication as well as guidance and monitoring capabilities.


IRAS PRO_Navy is a radio communication solution intended for military or civil naval simulators capable of providing ship positions in DIS format. The system supports both multiple ships, multiple exercises and multiple instructors in almost any combination. It allows for up to 60 radio channels per exercise and dedicated intercom for teams, instructors and between teams and instructors. It runs on affordable PC equipment with standard PC headset or speakers/microphone as recommended in the hardware section. It has been designed and developed in close cooperation with the Danish Navy and is currently deployed in the Danish Naval Warfare School as well as abroad.



Voice communication setup


The set up of exercises is performed by one or more instructors each having a dedicated instructor station. The instructor defines a set of channels with names and frequencies and decides which own ships should have access to which channels. A channel can also be defined as being secure, in which case the transmission will be preceded by a beep sound simulating a crypto. Each instructor can enter a description/name for him/her in the exercise, which will be visible by the teams when requesting instructor-team intercom. In order to adjust the training level the instructors can limit the range of the radios in the different frequency ranges. With increasing range between ships the communication will become more noisy. With a distance between ships below the Max Range value, the communication will be clear. For a distance between the ships larger than Max Range and below Cut-Off Range the communication will be noisy with increasing levels of noise with increasing distance. When the Cut-Off Range is surpassed the communication will stop.



Voice communication management


During an exercise, the instructor can monitor activities on the communication system. The instructor can also participate in the radio communication if he/she likes.