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Training JTACs in Close Air Support procedures

Traditionally JTAC’s and have been forced to rely only on expensive and limited real-life training. With IFACTS training activities are enabled, which would otherwise be impossible to practice, except for in actual combat. Forward air controllers exercise realistic true-to-life scenarios, including Convoy Escort, Show of Force, Talk-On and Engagements. High and Low Level CAS procedures are rehearsed in all weather conditions, day or night.

IFACTS enables CAS training compliant with NATO Stanag standards.



The IFACTS JTAC station

IFACTS is a deployable, PC-based system for training and practising the direction of close air support, providing a synthetic environment within which the FAC can control aircraft missions using simulated communications and simulated equipment.




Equipment available to the JTAC

Simulated equipment includes GPS, ground laser target designators, laser range finders, binoculars, NVG, compass, thermal equipment and ROVER. All simulated equipment can easily be replaced by new equipment the customer might want to introduce, e.g. newer versions or other types of laser targeting equipment etc.




The JTAC moves (mouse controlled) freely around in the virtual terrain, he/she chooses OP’s and targets, and uses simulated equipment during his mission.

The JTAC station can either be used with the IFACTS ’Easy-to-Fly’ aircraft controlled by the instructor; or with a real pilot-in-the-loop controlling a flight simulator, e.g. F16/ACT; or in a combination. In both cases the JTAC directs a number of simulated aircraft by communicating via the simulated radio communication system (IRASComm) and by using his targeting equipment for marking of targets etc. By using the equipment the JTAC can carry out high level as well as low level CAS procedures,day or night,  i.e. analyse the situation, identify targets, do measurements, produce 9-liners, communicate with the pilots, carry out talk-on’s or lead-in’s, mark targets, and do laser guided control.







  • NATO Stanag CAS procedures
  • High and Low level CAS
  • Night and day CAS
  • Talk-on, Lead-In
  • True-to-life scenarios

     -  Convoy escort
     -  Show of Force
     -  Engagements

  • Realistic environment
  • Geo-specific terrain
  • Control of weather




  • Compas
  • Binoculars
  • GPS
  • Range Finder
  • GLTD
  • Smoke grenade
  • Thermal vision
  • NVG
  • IR Pointer
  • IR Helmet strobe