// IFAD:

Core competence

Our employees are the backbone of our success. They create an innovative development environment and an international orientated marketing organization.



Company strengths


Intellectual capital

We benefit from having a dynamic organization with people who have been with us for many years. All our employees are carefully selected. The majority are graduate engineers (MSc), computer scientists in software engineering, or they have a commercial degree.


Technological competence

IFAD has accumulated substantial experience and know-how in modelling, validation and development of complex critical software applications. We have an outstanding experience in development of distributed team training systems using Virtual Environments, DIS and HLA. IFAD is a technology leader in this field.


International experienced

Our technological competence results from participation in a wide range of international development projects - and from many years of cooperation with our clients.


Mastering complexity

All our activities pertain to the development of complex software applications. We work continuously on reducing risks and improve competitiveness to be able to deliver solutions faster to our clients. State-of-the-art effective project management tools, methods and technologies together with a high degree of quality assurance are used in all our projects and result in long-term cooperation with our customers.


Handling classified information

Our company and all our employees are classified to NATO Confidential or NATO Secret. We have strict procedures in place in order to protect vital information and data revealed to us by our customers.




ISO 9001:2015 Certified










  • Mission critical training
  • Tactical & procedure training
  • Search&Rescue (SAR/NAV) training
  • Radio operator training
  • Close Air Support training (CAS)
  • Call for Fire training (CFF)
  • Observer (JTAC and FO) training
  • F-16 pilot training
  • Radio operator training
  • Radio communication training
  • Interoperability and LVC

Core expertice

  • Team training solutions
  • Distributed simulation
  • Simulator interoperability
  • HLA/DIS protocols
  • Live, Virtual & Constructive simulation
  • Geo-specific 3D terrains


  • Military & open standards
  • Solutions built on COTS