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Taking Pilot Training to a New Level



Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer DART F-16 Training Centre


The DART F-16 is a newly developed training center that represents a new concept for training F-16 pilots and the personnel they fight together with on the battlefield.


The New Training Concept


Following many years of trying to make parts and avonics from the real aircraft perform as in real life we have in simulators turned the concept around.


The DART F-16 leaps from the tactical syllabus of fighter pilots and adjusts the simulator to fit into precisely that.


The DART F-16 is completely designed from what a pilot needs to train during tactical training. This is not a procedure trainer but emphasizes on tactical operations a fighter pilot must be able to perform during peacetime operations and war.




Advantages of the DART F-16


There are many advantages to the DART F-16 Training Centre:

  1. It is deployable. You can bring it where ever you want to go.
  2. It is very affordable as it mainly consists of COTS hardware parts, PC’s etc. and specialized software licences.
  3. The system is extremely flexible in terms of setup and equipment.
  4. It comes as a plug-&-play COTS solution but can be adapted to specific national requirements.
  5. It can be packed and unpacked in in a 20 feet ship container in a matter of hours.


Operational Advantages


The DART F-16 Training System is based on the idea that the pilot must be able to train as he fight. This also means the pilot must be able to collaborate during training with the operators that he normally would work with during joint operations i.e JTACs or GCI. Therefore, the combined DART F-16 training system consists of these specialties as well. However, the final training center setup will be based on individual customer requirements.


DALO News release about DART


A news release from the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) of the DART delivery to the Royal Danish Air Force can be found here:  Nyudviklede taktiske trænere til F-16 står nu færdige (fmi.dk)


An English version is available here:     New F-16 tactical trainers are now ready (>)


Final Delivery to PRTAF


A news release about the final delivery of F-16 DART to the Portuguese Air Force can be found here:

   Final delivery of F-16 DART to PRTAF (>)


More information

Feel free to contact us for further information if you find this solution interesting or wish to discuss a solution thatv suits your needs.


Please contact Henrik Fabricius, Director, Sales & Marketing, IFAD TS A/S on +45 6311 8891, Henrik.Fabricius@ifad.dk, or www.ifad.dk



The system provides collaborative training for:

  • F-16 pilots Air-to-Air operations
  • F-16 pilots Air-to-Ground operations
  • JTAC operators (CAS operations)
  • GCI operators (fighter control operations)


Based on European Participating Air Forces

EPAF Mid-Life-Upgrade (MLU) program

  • MLU version 6.5
  • Software package S2.1 and 2.2
  • Software package S2.3 under development
  • Five screen cave visual system
  • Touch-screen avionics
  • Interactive Up Front Control (UFC)
  • Special designed cockpit frames
  • 3D printed HOTAS
  • Head tracking for JHMCS

Typical Setup

  • 4 x F-16 simulators
  • 2 x JTAC simulators
  • 2 x Instructor IoS stations
  • 1 x GCI interface
  • Radio simulation
  • Simulator gateways





  • Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF)
  • Portuguese Air Force (PRTAF)
  • Belgian Air Force (BAF)