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BMD-Flex Gateway

Enabling Distributed Simulation

The BMD-Flex SIM Gateway enables the BMD-Flex simulator environment to actively participate with other simulators in distributed simulation exercises.

Application Areas

The SIM Gateway is used to link BMD-Flex into integrated test beds, training environments and distributed simulation exercises.

  • Joint multi-role scenarios including Land, Air and Naval simulators.
  • Integrated training environments including CMS, C2, sensor and weapons simulators, and scenario generators.
  • Distributed simulation between warfare training centers, training ranges and test sites.
  • LVC: Live, Virtual & Constructive training environments.


BMD-Flex operation center (ref.: Terma)


The SIM Gateway is designed to integrate simulation assets. The gateway translates run-time simulation scenario data and simulation control data between the BMD-Flex simulation environment and an external simulation network. The SIM Gateway is installed within a BMD-Flex site and serves multiple BMD-Flex sites simultaneously.

Industrial Standards

The BMD-Flex SIM Gateway uses the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) standards for run-time scenario data exchange.



  • Industrial, open standards
  • Distributed simulation
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Proven technology

Simulation data

BMD-Flex SimGW translates simulation data to and from Terma's BMD-Flex command and control software system.

Data include:

  • Vehicles: ground, surface, air and space
  • Weapons: missiles
  • Emitter systems: radar and IFF
  • Weapon detonations


The BMD-Flex SIM Gateway was designed and developed by IFAD. It is being distributed by Terma.

More information about BMD-Flex SimGW available at Terma.

  BMD-Flex Sim Gateway